Cover Recreation – Transformers Marvel UK 200 – Time Wars Pt.2

Time Wars is one of my all time favourite UK storylines and this cover along with the Time Rift Splash Page (still envious of your ownership of that one James!) are the defining images for me.

A lot of what makes this stand out for me is that the ’86 movie (& Marvel UK Future Cast) was a massive part of what made me love TF’s. These are the characters I have a real attachment too, even surpassing the ’84 bots.

This cover is also one that still keeps giving even 30 years after seeing it for the first time. I know i’m not the only person to take forever to notice this as it’s come up in conversation, but the Galvatron shadow, yeah, that not Galvatron, it’s Megatron.

Original Cover:


Recreated Cover:

Transformers UK Comic 200 - FULL HD

Recreation – No Cover Elements:

Transformers UK Comic 200 - FULL HD - NO COVER ELEMENTS

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