TFNation 2018 Roundup

So TFN 2018 weekend. Had an absolute blast and met up with a lot of fantastic folk, albeit briefly due to being a backpacked blurr for most of the time! It was mentioned by Liam aka Toyboxsoapbox that I was like a Waterstones on Wheels!

Many many thanks for all the kind words about the Covers Book. Was quite nervous about it as I’d put loads of work into it and I totally doubt myself. But it was amazing to see folks reaction to it 🙂


But…. my god… the amount of walking I did over the weekend to hand the books out was insane. Don’t think I spent more than 10 mins with anyone before heading off with my full backpack over my shoulder. If I do it again next year, as i said in the previous post, i’m getting a stall!

Wish i’d spent more time with folks as this year was literally a too busy blurr that didnt have the chill out and play with toys moments that last year had. So next year, a totally relaxed con for me.

Due to all the walking I attended very few panels but the Sixo & Maz panel was fantastic and very professional. Really enjoyed that. Also popped in to the Andrew Turnbull blames Gary Bodsworth for everything panel, may also have been some chat there about a TFN ladybird book.

And onto…. THE HAUL!

Got this brilliant Ladybird style Megs from Mike Collins and was quite chuffed that he approves of my ladybird cover remakes! I gave him copies of the cards i’d made and he got me to sign them to him. And on the topic of ladybird books, the TFN exclusive book is quite brilliant!


Now these are just fantastic! That man Nick Roche is one talented mf. AMAZING commissions. He absolutely nailed big sleepy head Primus. Got plans for it and the xaaron plus last years unicron. Always a lovely guy to speak to as well. He actually enabled me on a comission for next year so he’s also pretty good at making work for himself!


The Blaster sketch got hit by a “drive-by colouring” on Twitter by Liam Shalloo! How good is that!


And this was one of my favourite things I managed to get over the entire weekend. The G2 Halloween Special! It was the only G2 thing i was missing. Was tipped off that Paul Hitchens from the Spacebrige had brought a few and that they were under the counter. Just had to say the secret words to get a copy “Hey Paul, do you have a copy of that G2 Special!”


MTMTE and LL scripts from James Roberts. Very much looking forward to reading through these. Also a really nice guy to speak too. Gave free copies of my book to him and Nick and their reaction again blew me away.


Loads of Lew Stringer stuff. Had a lovely chat with him and got a fantastic Combat Colin sketch. Kind of regretting not asking for a king no nose one too! The man was seriously humble, he really had no idea how well he’d be recieved at a TF convention and was so surpised by the reaction. Was great watching him sketch.


A selection of fantastic free stuff from some lovely people!


Only got 3 robots all weekend. These two legends scale guys that i’ve not even had a chance to open yet.


And also got Sid’s tape former. And the fantastic G1 Top Trumps cards from tikgnat. Amazing quality, really professional work there.


So that’s a brief tour through my TFN! Bought very few robots. Bought loads of arty stuff. Walked WAY too much. Didn’t get to chat to enough people for long enough. And was blown away by the reaction to the book

Will probably type some more when stuff pops into my head, the whole weekend really was a massive blurr. There was also lots of burgers, Nic in a giraffe suit, a glimpse of behind the scenes Vortex cosplay making and a great breakfast chat with its creator, THE BREAKFASTS, and a Jesus and his nemesis action figures that i was gifted at one point.

Special shout out before I sign off, to the Belfast Bots (plus Roland, who’ll need to be growing a beard or some stubble for next year! ) who were my travelling and Con companions. Great group we’ve got going on over here and it’s made being a TF collector even more enjoyable.


Cheers folks, see you again next year!


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