The Comic Cover Recreation Archive is finally Live!

Welcome to Trapped In Polyhex!

So this post is a long time in the making.

When I originaly created this website I intended it to be a repository for all the image work i’d created, both standard Photography and Photoshop. That was in November 2016, and I’ve finally got round to it over 3 years later!

I won’t massively get into why I decided to start this project as I covered it in the post about making the Hardback and Softback “Trapped In Polyhex” books.
Link here if you want a read:

But briefly, I loved the The Transformers UK comic as a kid, got into collecting the toys and then decided to learn Photography and Digital Image Editing. Combine all that together and you get 150+ Comic Cover Recreations and assorted other Photography Projects.

The goal at the start was to recreate my favourite covers. That list gradually got longer and longer and took in other images such as Interior Panels, Catalogues and even Ladybird Books. There’s obviously an end point of 332 issues but i’m not sure i’ll ever get to that number, although I am surprised that i’m nearly at the halfway mark so you never know!

This first proper update to the site includes all The Transformers UK Covers i’ve made so far plus a handful of related work. Eventually i’ll have The Transformers US Cover versions uploaded as well.
After that the list includes the Alt Mode Appreciation (both Official and 3P) series i’d posted on TFW2005 a few years ago, the Trading Card Archive i’ve scanned and my Transformers Photography library. Might even be some Marvel Legends stuff as that’s draining all my spare cash these days!

So, back to what’s in the archive today.

In the top menu, i’ve broken down each comic series by 100 issues and then a page with 10 issues of the comic.

Screenshot of the menu structure below:

Each page of 10 then has as many covers as i’ve created in that series. This ranges from 1 to 9. To my dismay i’ve still not managed to do 10 in a row!

Click on any of the images to open in full screen view.

There’s also an Index page that you can use to quickly navigate to any page, and this also shows a tally of how many issues i’ve recreated.
Link to Index page

I hope you enjoy the archive as i’ve put a lot of work into it. Any comments are welcome if you feel there’s any improvements that could be made.

Hope you survive being TRAPPED IN POLYHEX!!!

  1. Superb! I love your work (looking forward to a 2nd volume of your book) and having your pics all in one spot here (and very well organised, in preparation for future covers) is marvellous (pun intended!)
    Excelsior and Roll Out!


    1. Thanks Andy! Really apprecitate the support from you!
      Vol 2 will definitely be coming, just not sure when. I want to get a decent amount of covers, probably around 100, before putting it together. I think i’ve got about 50 or so since the last volume but i’ve got loads of them as a work in progress.


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